State Road 82 Project-Update

State Road 82 – October 2, 2020  Update

As construction has progressed, a layer of poor-quality soil was discovered under the roadway.  These soils do not provide a sufficient foundation and will need to be replaced to assure that the new concrete surface can perform as intended. This will also require removal of the recently placed concrete, as this pavement is exhibiting performance concerns directly attributed to the poor soils.

All attempts are being made to complete the project this year, but some work may carry into 2021. WIS 82 will be opened to through traffic before winter. To accomplish this, construction crews will likely be working 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday, beginning October 5. Local and emergency access will still be provided as originally planned.

Weekly construction updates for the project’s duration can be found on the project website at: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis82-cth-b-marquette/. Also, please feel free to contact Casey Cullen, our on-site engineer with any questions or concerns at (608) 343-2260.”