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Town Board Meeting - Property Works
Sep 11, 2018


Town of Jackson, Adams County


Town Board Meeting – Jackson Town Hall

September 11, 2018  4:30 PM

            Attending:   Larry Borud, Robert Bonnett, Gordon Addy, Delores Benish, Candy Pegler

            Guests:  2

Call to Order by Chairman Borud at 4:30 PM

Open Meeting Compliance Certification this meeting:  Notice posted 9/6/18 at Town Hall and Town website by C Pegler          

            Agenda:  Motion by Bonnett to approve;  Second by Addy   -M/C

New Business (all votes were by voice vote)

There were no motions.


  • Property Works Proposal:  would like long-term relationship with TOJ.  3 options presented at 8/16/18 meeting still on the table.  2017-2018 subdivision procedures would remain the same and a Tandem axle and driver for snow removal on other roads.  PW would provide sand/salt at additional fee; PW looking to buy additional property and building for storage purposes.  Town would set snow limit accumulation for plowing.  PW would buy TOJ plow to be dedicated with priority to TOJ.  Base contract would be $2000 on time fall set-up fee, $6,000 monthly retainer, $2,000 shop rental/heat; $3/gal fuel charge with surcharge assessed over the $3.  Board would be ok with 5 season contract with a 3 season lock (if inflation demands).  Board to discuss proposal at Budget workshop (date to be determined).


  • Motionby Bonnett to adjourn, second by Addy     – Meeting adjourned 5:28pm

C. Pegler


APPROVED: 10/5/18


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