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Town Board Meeting
Feb 15, 2018


Town Board Meeting – Jackson Town Hall

February 15, 2018  6:30 PM

            Attending:  George Benish, Larry Borud, Gordon Addy, Delores Benish, Candy Pegler

            Guests:  11

Call to Order by Chairman Benish at 6:30 PM

Open Meeting Compliance Certification this meeting:  Notice posted 2/13/18 at Town Hall and Town website by C Pegler    

            Agenda:  Motion by Borud to approve as amended;  Second by Addy   -M/C

            Minutes:  Motion by Addy to approve minutes of 1/9 & 1/19/18;  Second by Borud  -M/C

            Bills Approval:  Motion by Borud to approve bills as presented on check #s: 11029-11055 for a total amount of $85,734.10 :  Second by Addy  -M/C               

Treasurer’s report read and filed.

Unfinished Business (all votes were by voice vote)

  • Motion by Borud that the Town does not object to K. Hauser variance request for reduced set-back from the road right-of-way;  Second by Benish  -M/C  Abstain-Addy            

New Business (all votes were by voice vote)

  • Motion by Borud that the Town does not object to J. Bero rezone request for 19.46 accres from A1(15 to A3 with no change in current use;  Second by Benish  -M/C  Abstain-Addy
  • Motion by Borud to approve ACEC Right-of-Way consent for 2018; Second by Addy  -M/C
  • Motion by Benish to approve 2018 EMS contract at $21/per capita;  Second by Borud  -M/C             


  • South Adams County Road Runners(SACRR): presentation given by Eric Edwards of the benefits of  having the Town designate all town roads as ATV/UTV routes and how the club would assist in the implementation, funding, labor and administration.
  • Plan Commission:  members appointed by Chair for 3-year term:  L. Floyd, D. Wirth, J. Andres, K. Nichols, B. Pegler
  • EMS Future Contracts:  update on Marquette County EMS proposal for long-term contract


  • Motionby Borud to adjourn, second by Addy     – Meeting adjourned 8:55pm



C. Pegler



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