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Town Board Meeting
Jun 13, 2017


Town Board Meeting Meeting – Jackson Town Hall       

June 13, 2017 - 7:00 PM

                Attending:  George Benish, Larry Borud, Gordon Addy, Delores Benish, Candy Pegler

                Guests:  7

Call to Order by Chairman Benish at 7:00 PM

Open Meeting Compliance Certification this meeting:  Notice posted 6/10/17 at Town Hall and Town website by C Pegler

                Agenda:  Motion by Borud to approve;  Second by Addy  -M/C

                Minutes: Motionby Addy to approve minutes of 5/9/17 and 5/24/17;  Second by Borud  -M/C

Bills Approval:  Motion by Borud to approve bills as presented on check #s 10889-10903 (10898-Void) for a total amount of  $47,946.66;  Second by Addy  -M/C

Treasurer’s report read and filed.

Unfinished Business (all votes were by voice vote)

There were no motions.

New Business (all votes were by voice vote)

·         Motion by Borud that the Town does not object to the Special Exception Permit from the Adams County Shoreline Protection Ordinance to create an access corridor for Ron Holtslander (Property Works) for parcel #12-1712-119;  Second by Addy  -M/C

·         Motion by Borud to approve liquor license renewals for Irrigation Station, Parker Lake Lodge and The Lakehouse on Jordan Lake for the 2017-2018 period;  Second by Addy  M/C

·         Motion by Benish that the Town is supportive of the revised Goose Lake landing renovation and repair plans and the Town will provide $1900 from the Conservation & Development/Boat Launch Fees fund contingent on GLWD acquiring grant and written authorization from DATCP;  Second by Borud  -M/C

·         Motion by Benish to accept the County Clerk’s MOU for WisVote relier services to the Town of Jackson;  Second by Addy  -M/C

·         Motion by Borud to accept DLD Tree Company’s bid for 10-12 trees to be removed on Fern Ave;  Second by Addy  -M/C

·         Motion by Benish to convene into Closed Session for the purpose of consideration of financial information of town employee (Wis Stat. §19.85 (1)(f);  Second by Borud  -M/C  8:35PM

·         Motion by Borud to re-convene into Open Session;  Second by Benish  - M/C  8:43PM

·         Motion by Benish to accept verbal resignation for Kevin Amell with no monies owed to the Town and consider the financial matters as paid in full;  Second by Borud  -M/C                


Ø   ATV/UTV Club:  Initial meeting of Adams County club on 6/22/17 at Parker Lake Lodge

Ø  Plow Storage:  search ongoing for storage facility within Town limits

Ø  Marquette County EMS:  Power-point presentation given at meeting with New Chester Chair and Fire Chief, Jackson Chair and EMS personnel regarding goals, issues, and phases of project.

Ø  Roads:  Work progressing on 2nd Ave – water off road



  • Motionby Borud to adjourn, second by Addy    – Meeting adjourned  8:45 PM

C. Pegler, Clerk

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