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Town Board Meeting
Jan 10, 2017


Town of Jackson, Adams County



Town Board Meeting Meeting – Jackson Town Hall         

January 10, 2017 – Immediately following Caucus


            Attending:  George Benish, Larry Borud, Robert Bonnett, Delores Benish, Candy Pegler

            Guests:  9


Call to Order by Chairman Benish at 6:55 PM

Open Meeting Compliance Certification this meeting:  Notice published 1/4/17 and posted at Town Hall and Town website on 1/6/17 by C Pegler


            Agenda:  Motion by Bonnett to approve;  Second by Borud  -M/C

            Minutes: Motionby Bonnett to approve minutes of 12/13/16 as corrected;  Second by Borud  -M/C

Bills Approval:  Motion by Borud to approve bills as presented on check #s 10774-10787  for a total amount of  $9,178.23;  Second by Bonnett  -M/C

Treasurer’s report read and filed.


Unfinished Business (all votes were by voice vote)

There were no motions.


New Business (all votes were by voice vote)

·         Motion by Bonnett that the Board does not object to John & Janet Melamed’s variance request for setbacks of 5’ closer to the road and 3’ closer to the lake;  Second by Borud  -M/C  Ayes-3

·         Motion by Borud to form a citizen Facilities Committee for the purpose of identifying current and future facility needs, locations, building needs and options, financing, timelines and other related issues for the Town of Jackson;  Second by Bonnett  -M/C

·         Motion by Borud to authorize Chairman Benish to pursue options relating to the Town acquiring a credit card for the purpose of fuel purchasing for the snowplow;  Second by Bonnett  -M/C



Ø   Snowplowing:  improvement needed;  board procedures to be refined to include more communication

Ø  Roads:  60 tons of sand spread in the last couple of weeks; still some bad areas

Ø  Adams County Update:  Farmland Preservation Program passed;  ATV/UTV issue postponed until January meeting

Ø  2017 Mileage Rate:  Town will use the IRS 2017 mileage rate of 53.5¢



  • Motionby Borud to adjourn, second by Bonnett   – Meeting adjourned 7:40 PM



C. Pegler


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