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Town Board Meeting
Aug 10, 2017


Town Board Meeting Meeting – Jackson Town Hall

August 10, 2017  7:00 PM


            Attending:  George Benish, Larry Borud, Gordon Addy, Delores Benish, Candy Pegler

            Guests:  7


Call to Order by Chairman Benish at 7:00 PM

Open Meeting Compliance Certification this meeting:  Notice posted  8/7/17 at Town Hall by G. Benish and Town website on 8/3/17 by C Pegler


            Agenda:  Motion by Borud to approve;  Second by Addy  -M/C

            Minutes: Motionby Addy to approve minutes of 7/11/17;  Second by Benish  -M/C  Borud-abstain

Bills Approval:  Motion by Borud to approve bills as presented on check #s 10921-10934 for a total amount of  $ 15,006.43;  Second by Addy  -M/C

Treasurer’s report read and filed.


Unfinished Business (all votes were by voice vote)

·         Motion by Benish to approve 5 road projects for 2017 with work to begin in September;  Second by Borud  -M/C


New Business (all votes were by voice vote)

·         Motion by Benish to approve easement for J. Raclawski, 374 Fur Dr. under Fur Dr, with the required conditions for the purpose of a septic system upgrade and to have approved easement drafted and recorded by an attorney;  Second by Borud  -M/C

·         Motion by Borud to allow and compensate MSA Consulting to meet with Freedom Road property owners for project questions and information;  Second by Addy  -M/C



Ø  Jordan Lake:  concern with erosion due to high waterlevels;  Chair to contact Lake District for discussion of ideas to help alleviate problem

Ø  Fur Dr:  ongoing issues with non-compliance of 25MPH speed limit, causing concern regarding child safety.  J. Raclawski volunteered to do research regarding solar speed measuring signs

Ø  Roads: 2nd Ave-almost dry; stilling waiting on pipe installation;  AC Highway being requested to check road viability for large vehicles;  Fern Ave- trees have been cut; still waiting for Goose Lake to be completed.

Ø  Boom Mower rental:  possible lease for Fall, 2017;  tentatively ordered for November.



  • Motionby Addy  to adjourn, second by Borud    – Meeting adjourned 8:22 PM



C. Pegler


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